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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Busy Weekend

Oh what a hectic weekend we have had. Yesterday was my oldest grandson's birthday party. A soft play and bouncy castle. Only about 10 kids turned up instead of the 20 that had been invited and accepted but a good time was had by all. 

Here he is blowing out his candles on his cake. (Proper candles this time!! :-) )

Although hubby retired back in March his official last day is tomorrow - 23rd May - so today we had a family gathering. My mother in law is also flying back to France on Tuesday so it would be the last time she will see the great grand children. 
Ollie slept all afternoon and wasn't any trouble at all.

Unfortnatley the same could not be said about the older children aged 31 & 27. My life flashed back 20 odd years with the sound of my oldest son shouting to his father 'Dad, Daniel is beating me up! '  Although he did have Leon trying to help him :-)  Boys will be boys!!

Enough of that though. I am still trawling through my photos from last year and have some digi scrap pages to show you of slefies and pictures taken whilst hubby and I have been on our weeks. 

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Friday, 20 May 2016

It's Magic!!

Today was supposed to be relaxing and chilled out but all best laid plans etc....never mind, there is always tomorrow.....oh no there isn't - Leon's party tomorrow with 15 5 year olds..oh joy!!!

Card I have to show you today was one we made at Clair's workshop a couple of weeks ago. It's magic!! The image is in black and white and then when you pull it out it's coloured. Would be great for children's cards. Have to say loved making this and you never know I may make it again!! 

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

All Counties Craft Challenge - Day 3

Well today I am absolutely knackered. Didn't sleep too well last night and then today we have taken out hubby's Mum and her friend shopping and to lunch. Lovely day but it is exhausting dealing with oldies!!

Today I am showing you the projects we did on day 3, the last day, with Julie Hickey from Craftwork cards. 

The first project we did was transform this plain white hanger which was bought from The pound shop  I think.

Using paint and then paper flowers, ribbon and other embellishments, it was transformed to this. I was very pleased with the outcome and loved doing the flowers.

The afternoon started of with making these cards using the Cotswold Charm Pad. Lovely bright colours and lovely flowers to make.

We were also given a box to make for the cards but I haven't finished that yet.

 I had a great weekend, met some nice people and did some very new techniques, some I will do again some maybe not!! I would certainly do it again if John ever comes this way again.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

All Counties Craft Challenge - Day 2

Well the weather is still playing up! Yesterday, lovely sunny day, windy and a bit chilly but lovely all the same. Hubby and I went for a long walk. This morning I was on Nanny duties and was looking after my grandson Ollie. It was raining heavily so we couldn't go out but then this afternoon it was lovely sunshine. I do hope that the reports of a scorcher of a summer is correct!!

Today I have the projects that we did on day 2 of the crafting weekend. This workshop was held by Sheena Douglas and Donna Ratcliffe. 

The owl was Donna's project. It started as a white plain frame bought from poundland. We then transformed it into a lovely metallic looking frame. We used gesso and dyno paints which I have never used before but really enjoyed using them and the effect they gave. I will certainly be doing these again if I can find the frames.

The afternoon's project was Sheena's project and we used her paint fusion. Now I have never painted in my life and probably never will but have to say I was impressed with how they worked. We started out with a plain black scrapbook and ended up with this. Although not perfect I am very pleased with how it turned out. The hummingbird is a stamp that was coloured using dyno paints again.

A good day - all bar messy - and thoroughly enjoyable. Have to say though that Sheena is a complete nutcase :-) 

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Monday, 16 May 2016

All Counties Challenge Craft Weekend Part 1

Yesterday was a lovely day all bar a bit chilly but hubby and I decided to go for a walk along Hove seafront. We walked from home to the Peace Statue at Hove which is a round trip of approximately 12.2km according to my phone app! :-) 

My crafty bits that I have to show you are from day one of the All Counties Craft Challenge weekend Pam & I attended a couple of weekends ago. The first day was run by John Bloodworth ( The Gentleman Crafter). He gave us 3 MDF items, a frame, a square box and a matchbox. We then had to assemble them and then decorate them. John had lots of papers, embellishments etc. 

Here are my finished items :-) 

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Happy Birthday

Yesterday was a very busy day as it was my husband's and grandson Leon's birthday. Leon was 5 - where has that time gone? - Leon's official party is next week but we had a little tea party for him and Grandad. It was very knackering having everyone here but good fun. Love spending time with the boys.

Here is a picture of the birthday boys with their respective cakes. Leon had a minions one (didn't have any candles so had to improvise :-) )  Gary had a coffee and walnut one made by a good friend. 

This little one came too. He is such a cheeky one and so much like his older brother. 

He is Leon's card that I made. As you can see he is a minion fan :-) 

Here is hubby's card.

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Whoo Hoo have finished some cards.

Today I have been up in Guildford for Kim's play day. As normal it was held at Greta's and we had a great day laughing and a little bit of crafting done. I had to think of something to take to do so I decided it was an ideal opportunity to finish some cards from Clair's workshop a few weeks ago.

The card is a double flap card made from NitWit design papers. Beautiful papers and embellishments. I love the colours in this collection. The original card can be seen here. I decided, as did a few of us, to make 5 separate cards instead of the one. 

Here are my finished cards.

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